Special Fabric Haul: Italy & Greece Edition. Plus an announcement.

Special Fabric Haul: Italy & Greece Edition. Plus an announcement.

My dear Hubby delivered and brought home goodies from Rome and Athens!

I don’t have shops to link to as they were small local shops he found whilst walking around.

We have reached 2500 subscribers on this channel! yay! so to show you my appreciation I am doing a wee giveaway for my subscribers. Because I’m far away…. the gift is DIGITAL.

To participate in the giveaway for the pdf pattern of your choice:
1. Subscribe to my channel
2. Like this video
3. Comment what pattern you have been eyeing and what fabric you’d use.

I will use a random comment generator to chose the winner on July 16th! All the best!

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Sewing janey says:

Wow! I'd loved to of been in those shops. I don't know if I'd buy much. The prices sound expensive. That was really sweet of your husband to run around for you and get fabric😁

808Patricia says:

If I’m the lucky winner, I’d leverage your generosity for the “CHARLIE CAFTAN PATTERN” by Closet Case Patterns. Recently, I’ve been stocking up on rayon fabrics from LAFinch fabrics, and since we’re still in the middle of a sweltering summer here in the continental Midwest, all I want is cool loose fitting garments… Your husband did a great job buying fabrics on his trip – I particularly like the thicker textured blue silk he bought you. I have very similar silks in my stash (purchased before I transplanted here from Hawaii) – my plan was to use them in Hawaiian quilting projects for throw pillows, but now I’m rethinking that and need to choose a good garment option -fabric that special ought to be worn! Although I had a Chinese woman tell me once that the silk makes an excellent pillowcase and besides staying cool, it’s the best fabric to keep your hair from breaking and splitting ends! Something to consider…. You’re a joy to watch for learning and inspiration – keep it up!… Warm Alohas from the middle of the continental US! …

Teresa Randall says:

Love the fabric haul Karina! Your hubby did great! I’ve just started eyeing the Jennifer Lauren Handmade patterns – mainly because they come with cup sizes for better bust fit. I’m eyeing the Mayberry dress and the Raine dress as they would be nice for work. As for fabric… I have plenty in my stash that would work for them! Congratulations on 2500 subscribers!!

28michele says:

i like the white and blue silks from Greece .. the colors together remind me of the buildings and homes in Greece that I've seen

Obsessed Stitcher says:

Karina what beautiful fabric your husband purchased for you. Your description of him in the fabric shops made me laugh. Congratulations on all subscribers! You have a wonderful channel. I just saw a cross stitcher post the Boyfriend Cardigan from Love Notions. She said it was easy and a fantastic pattern It would be my first pdf pattern. Not sure what I would sew the first one from – probably something wonderful but not silk – I will leave that to you 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

And Sew On says:

Aw, so sweet that he spoiled you. 🙂

Maria Eugenia Femat Lozano says:

Hola Karina, que gusto poder ver tu nuevo vídeo. Me dio mucha alegría ver todas las telas que te trajo tu esposo de Europa, todas están bellas, pero la que mas me fascinó fue la seda blanca (la más gruesa), pues se tiene un brillo muy hermoso y el proyecto que escojas para esta tela te va a quedar bello, además sé de antemano que te va a quedar una prenda de primerísima calidad, pues todos los acabados que acostumbras darle a tus prendas son muy finos. Gracias por mostrar las telas pues son hermosas todas. Karina, sólo una cosa más, y es que quiero preguntarte acerca del patrón de la blusa que estás usando en este vídeo, pues me encantaría poder hacerme una del mismo estilo, ya que me encantó la que estas usando. Gracias por compartir tu pasión por el corte y la confección.

Quiltygal says:

What a great haul lovely husband to go fabric shopping for you. 🙂 I remember Dupioni being the go to bridesmaid dress fabric in the 80's 🙂 lol Congrats on the 2.6K subscribers you have a great channel so I am not surprised. Sorry I haven't commented recently, I was overseas with limited internet access so I have a huge amount of vlogs to catch up with !!

Pam Bruner says:

What a blessed lady you are to have a husband willing to shop for you. I have been wanting to get the Ginger Jeans. Of course I will be making them out of stretch denim. I appreciate your husband sponsoring this give away.

Nard Ackinon says:

My two favorite fabrics. Wool and silk. YES! Your husband did an excellent job! You will have so much fun planning and constructing your "dreams".
Cheers and happy sewing. JoAn

Kathleen Meadows says:

Congratulations on nudging your husband to buy such gorgeous fabrics for you in Italy and Greece! One of my favourite fabrics is silk dupioni (some people call it "shantung") – it's a funny fabric – great to work with. It's almost like paper. I made a Liberty Top by the Sewing Workshop with some dark purple and love it. If I won your celebration draw, I would get an Itch to Stitch pattern. Even though I resist PDF, Itch to Stitch is the only designer I make the exception. She has a new top just released today that I love https://itch-to-stitch.com/product/plitvice-top-digital-sewing-pattern-pdf/ – such a beautiful neckline! I can't wait to see what you make with all your new silk! It's too bad about your husband's experience re linen. 1.2 meters isn't much for men's pants but linen is usually quite wide so you might be okay.

Angel Spadafore says:

Your husband sounds so nice. All the fabric looks great, looking forward to see your makes. I think I'll send my husband after fabric just for a laugh 😉

Rob yN says:

Haha, maybe Italians like their pants tight! A very special haul!

Oh Deer says:

Shops are closed in Italy in the afternoon. Italians have their main meal at noon, and as the afternoons are very hot in summer – they close in the afternoons for siesta, and then re-open in the evenings when it is cooler. (Spent a few summers in Italy as a student)

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