Q&A. Which European Gods to Honour? Greece and Macedonia Name Conflict? Book Recommendations?

Q&A. Which European Gods to Honour? Greece and Macedonia Name Conflict? Book Recommendations?

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sgulabovski says:

This is worse than Horus heresy. Macedonia never was and never will be associated with the barbaric gay tribes of Greece. Golden one you have been corrupted.

MK Warlock says:

The Golden One, I am a long-time Macedonian subscriber and I have to point out that you have to enlighten yourself a bit more regarding the name conflict between Macedonia and Greece.

Firstly, you need to read up on the genesis of the modern-day nations of Macedonia and Greece. The modern-day Macedonians have part of their DNA as the ancient Macedonians (those from the time of Alexander the Great), and another part Slavic. The Greeks, on the other hand, are proven to originate from Africa and Asia Minor. I apologize for not providing references of these studies, I'm currently at work… You can google them yourself, but I can also provide some links when I get back home.

Secondly, there is a historical precedence to this issue. The British performed a genocide on the native Macedonian population which lived in the territory of Macedonia (Aegean Macedonia) which at the moment is part of Greece. They eradicated the ethnically Macedonian people from their land, in order to turn them into Greeks. Let me explain. The British Empire, in the early 20 century placed a puppet-king in Greece in order to control that territory from which the Ottoman stranglehold was slowly fading. It was an opportunistic strategic move in order to get closer to the borders of the Ottoman Empire. The nuances of the internal situation in the territory which was to become Greece, for the purposes of the British geopolitical influence were just a nuisance to them, something to get rid of. That is why they either banished or burned alive with napalm bombs the ethnic Macedonians from the then British-controlled territory of Greece, which evolved in modern-day Greece.

Lastly, the ethics of the issue. It's ultimate cuckoldry for us Macedonians to renounce our name just because some external factor demands from us to do so. It would be extremely beta, low-T thing to do. A nation — in this case the Macedonian nation, is something that is always both natural and artificial and the same time. The borders are imposed artificially, but as people that are confined in those borders interbreed for generations, the people homogenizes and becomes a nation, sharing the same history and culture (with the exception of minorities that make conscious effort to be separated from that process). Therefore, even if we weren't descended from the Macedonians of the time of Alexander the Great (which we are, as I stated in the previous two paragraphs), we still would have the right to protect our identity, because for almost 80 years we've been that and are known as that in the world.

Matt K says:

The Golden Goði

Brennan Cooney says:

Paul Waggener used Primarch, The Golden One uses Kali Yuga. Absolutely glorious exchange of wisdom

Logic Hammer says:

Golden One; what do you think of Milk? No this is not some rare and unknown God – but milk, drinking milk on a daily basis – your opinion?

maurice barden .maurice barden says:

Greeks are no different than turks. Arabs.

Wordsmiff says:

9:47 – No More Brother Wars

roger scott says:

Not Hebrew Jesus for sure

Ivan Pelovski says:

I think the Golden One should read more on the history of modern greece to see if these modern wannabes are even ethnically related to the ancient hellenes.

Pet life says:

Golden one, I only just started watching you, since your such a beast, how long will take to compete with my bro in a fight

Captain Capitalism says:

The Republic of Macedonia derives Its name not from the ancient Macedonian Empire but from the Ottoman region of Macedonia, which encompassed parts of Bulgaria, Northern Greece, and the whole of modern Macedonia.
Slavs made up the overwhelming majority of the population of this region as far south as Thessaloniki until the aftermath of the Balkan wars, when most Slavs in the southern part of Macedonia (which was ceded to Greece from the Ottoman Empire) were deported or forcefully assimilated by the newly established Greek government.
Most modern Macedonians and 600,000 Bulgarians today can trace their roots back to early 20th century 'Greek Macedonia'.
But of course, the Greeks dindu nuffin.

David MacAdam says:

TGO, you have indeed earned that title. You are indeed a fvarking force of nature. But muh movement duude … we need to stop these brother wars!! For us you are the strongman of the village, the man that all the young guys look up to for motivation, energy, to rekindle their love for life and to attain physical and martial prowess. Varg is the sage of the village, the elder, the wise man. I know he has been rather harsh to you guys recently, and I think he has made a mistake there, but I think you and STJ can be the bigger men by keeping your arms open. Anyway nuff said. Keep setting the pace high brother!

Iberian Wounds says:

Macedonia and Greece are just frenemies like Portugal and Spain. I know that feel.

Crazy Owl says:

Norsemen and women (And anyone who admire the norse mythology). Honor Thor by getting stronger, honor Odin by getting wiser and honor Freya by acquiring beauty and finding true love. Also of course honor Loki with some good old fashioned trolling and for your own amusment 😉

The Witness says:

Firstly, You DO NOT have to worship any of the Gods, it's not required.
Secondly, You need to understand the hierarchy, from the base it's us Midgardians, the Gods, the Norns and finally Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil, The Sacred Tree, is the most important part of our culture and heritage, more important than us, the Gods and the Norns. That's want you want to be focusing on. The Gods can't really do shit for you if Yggdrasil is the one running the show by guiding destiny and fate through the Norns.

Also, The Triple Trinity is a sacred symbol representing the following:
The Three Sacred Trees, Yggdrasil, Ash and Elm(The first Midgardians).
The Three Sacred Sisters, Urd, Verdandi and Skuld.
The Three Sacred Brothers, Odin, Vili and Vi.

These are the most important group of people in our White European Spirituality. Especially Ash and Elm, they're made from the wood of Yggdrasil, brought to life by the three sacred Brothers, guided by the three sacred Sisters, and that technically makes Ash and Elm the only Children of the Sacred Tree Yggdrasil, our great great (times a thousand) grand parents with Yggdrasil being, obviously, also our relative. Ash and Elm eventually become the reincarnation of Lif and Lifrasir(and probably Adolf and Eva 😉 ).

What I also have learned is that both Ash and Elm have been reborn in our time, with a destiny guided by the three sisters, of an unknown objective.
Guess we'll find out though, soon.

Nathan Hoskins says:

Here is a prayer to invoke and charge yourselves with the power of the European gods….(I'm sure it would not be heresy to add a new line invoking the power of the Golden One ;-))

Odin, Wotan, Warrior of warriors, Lord of hosts, terror of Asgard’s foes be thou honoured. All-Father, Harr, Ordeal Master, and winner of the runes, guide me this day. God of magic, impart upon me your wisdom. Battle master, wielder of Gungnir, lead me to victory. Freya, Vanadís, Gefn, luck bringer, be thou hailed! Goddess of Seiðr, teach me the secret words of your magic. Goddess of war, Queen of Valkyries, lend me your shield. Gird and guide me to be victorious today. Baldr, I call upon you who waits imprisoned in Hel’s dark halls. Empower me with your courage and perseverance. Great teacher, lend me your endurance and fortitude so that my spirit cannot be broken. Thor, Thunar, Red-Beard, be thou hailed! Wielder of Mjölnir, I fear nothing with you on my side. Protector of Midgard, lend me your strength to break down any barrier in my path. Tyr, God of justice, sacrifice and right action, I honor you. Lord of Swords, One-Handed God, give me the courage to do what must be done. God of Honor, lead me along the path of right action and help me do what is right in the face of all fear.

Hail day

Hail Day’s sons

Hail Night and her daughter

Look upon me with loving eyes

That waiting I gain victory.
Hail all the Gods and Goddesses Hail the generous Earth

Give me goodly speech

And healing hands life long.

Sigrdrífa, victory bringer, inciter to victory, I hail you.

Grant me victory in all my actions today.

HolgerD says:

Why not just honour reality by not honouring and talking about imaginary beings?

Galna Dagar says:

Have you read "anarko-fasism: naturen återfödd"? I was thinking of purchasing it, but only if it's actually perspective and not just recycled Evola.

Lu Pank says:

weed is my god

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