Greece and Macedonia agree on name change

Greece and Macedonia agree on name change

TRT World spoke to Achilles Skordas, the Professor of International Law at the University of Copenhagen and a former adviser to the Greek Parliament on International Legal Affairs for this analysis.




Macedonia will no longer be able to claim Alexander the Great as part of the deal.

Costa Gazis says:

greek politic agree not the greek nation sry makedonians are greek and not slavic

Kvaka Nova says:

Who wanted to learn on the subject, was here on the right side:
1. Historical Macedonia in Hellas (no fancy product)
2. Geographical Macedonia (pure fantasy product, recently invented)
3. Bulgaria's interest in the Aegean
4. German occupation in the WK II, idea of the creation of a Macedonia outside Greece, as Greeks did not greet Hitler friendly
5. Vardarska Region
6. Renaming of the region by Tito, receives Greek name, at the same time banning the Macedonians to surrender as such. The peoples of the state will be the Albanians, Slavs and Roma
7. Dismantling Yugoslavia
8. Declaration of independence with Greek. Name
9. Protest of Greece

Kvaka Nova says:

Epic fail. ..

NK says:

greeks were totally outsmarted, serves them right for having a leftist leader

panos volos says:

This country was part of ex "Yougoslavia" after the sivil war when communism fell suddenly they declared themselves "Macedonians"….. Make no sense.

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