Democracy 3 | Max Difficulty Greece – Year 5

Democracy 3 | Max Difficulty Greece – Year 5

I’m back from retirement for one final challenge! We will be taking control of Greece immediately following the 2010 debt crisis that brought the country to its knees. To make things even more interesting, we will be playing on maximum difficulty. Yes, you heard that right: The hardest modded nation in the game on the hardest difficulty. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Want to try out the mod? Check the Steam link below:

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Barenko Speedruns says:

Pravus can you please try Laws of Civilization? It's working nearly the same way as Democracy but is high pace and really fun on highest difficulty

Fiery Gaming says:

Uhm the president of Greece has 5 years with 2 terms so you had it right the first time

ᛚᛟᚢᛁᛊ ᛋ ᚨᚾᚨᚾᛁ says:

0% ethnic minorities? Good one, Greece is getting waves of immigrants from the Middle East. I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing, it's just interesting that the mod doesn't include it.

annihalited says:

These videos needs to be longer. Can we atleast have 30 minutes?

Also that alcohol abuse costs you a massive 6bn per turn.

A Brief History says:

Just sayong in Ireland we do not stuff animals into barns as it is morally incorrect bit our food especially milk is still cheap and is considered to be of better quality than most American fields

T0xic says:

I am just wondering why there are no ethnic minorities in Greece. Greece has greeted A LOT of immigrants over the last 50 years,let alone all the people coming from Syria right now.

dragonian archer says:

Greek Orthodox arent creationist 😂. Other than that goodvid

LOLOLOL 3000 says:

I don't understand here as most technological advanced country perform BETTER in environmental protection aspect. So why in the game, the higher technological level the country is at, the worse the environment? High Technology definitely don't destroy the environment, it conserves it instead!

Jonathan Abuthan says:

16:14 Fewer people, Pravus. Fewer.

Wip Zed Kay says:

Hope you’re gonna do another Democracy series after this one!

Josh Hook says:

OMG, Even though I 'm a liberal/Progressive, Your Democracy 3 videos are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob Flavell says:

I find that changing the labor law in favour of “non-union” is quite good for productivity booms. Downside is unionists hate you but I don’t care haha

Elad Volpert says:

Hi Pravus, love your videos! it would be really awesome to see you play KSP (Kerbal Space Program)

OneAngryBoi says:

Hi Pravus. Love ya!

eataburger says:

Big fan of the series! Keep it up Pravus!! 🤔😁👍

Νικηφορος Κοτσυφακης says:

more, give us more

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