OBJECT Off Coast Of Greece Wasn’t There Before..

OBJECT Off Coast Of Greece Wasn’t There Before..

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USO Coordinates: 40°27’4.62″ 22°51’39.78″
Mystery signal: http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=11901

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Jackie Turner says:

Id bet a dollar those so called energy waves have a whole lot to do with harp and weather control.

Mikey T Lays Good says:

It reminds me of the underwater UFO Paletto Bay in GTA V..


Space travel is the most fabricated lie ever told…should have left it at science fiction

Denzel Weathers says:

Sleep is for Snoozers

Azael X says:

1:17 Someone is still using Windows 7, I see.

Old Blind Darby says:

We ALL need to take very special care to be as discerning as possible and only accept and promote the most unimpeachable evidence. Even though most people believe or have witnessed something e t. Related, the fact is that we are still not taken seriously because of theories like this energy wave nonsense. It's time that we remove our tin foil hats, stop identifying every single anomaly as significant, remember Occam's Razor, and make sure that the truth, with proper interpretation, is actually disclosed, and in a way that makes the world take notice. If we are careful in what we say, post, etc. We can put an end to the marginalization of our movement….. The bottom line is: If we keep making ridiculous leaps of logic into the extremely unlikely, for example identifying computer glitches as energy waves, we will accomplish nothing and we will ultimately keep giving the rest of the world fuel to ridicule us, therefore nothing will ever change.

Personally, I'm tired of simply preaching to the choir, I want our movement to become mainstream. Unfortunately, that will never happen if we don't change our ways and stop leaping to illogical conclusions.

Do your research people, it took me less than five minutes to find the actual explanation for these "energy waves"…. All of us must always research our theories before we put them out to the world, then come to your own conclusions.


Denis N. says:

the truth will not come from NASA

FinallyDeadTG says:

Those waves gotta be from haarp thats not natural

Comar Logans says:

7:59 …you know what, now that I think about it I aint never seen real swamp gas and I am about to look it up and see why they use that excuse

John Leonard says:

I can make out the objects outline at 1:26 and 1:31. Could be a turret from a gun emplacement or a shore reinforcement. My guess is a WWII relic.

Christyn Pienaar says:

if there is weather control beign used, then im sure they are using it on us here in Cape Town, which is great,, we need the rain

7th Veil says:

Volcanic vent?

Nathan Scott says:

Could this be a sewer outlet?

Kensblade says:

That astrunaut prob has the cia in his hous soon (rip)

Jan Bonfiglio says:

It looks just like some of the Moon's craters.

Yosko says:

epic new outro team!

ltech12 says:

Its a fish spawning area.

Matthew Johnson says:

They call me PoonSlayer9000…

Wait, wrong channel.

District 120 Music says:

Elijah spoke on the Aegean Sea for those with knowledge #Peace

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