The Roots of Greece’s Wildfire Crisis: Climate Change, Austerity, and Historical Neglect

The Roots of Greece’s Wildfire Crisis: Climate Change, Austerity, and Historical Neglect

Dimitri Lascaris talks to Greek journalist and documentary filmmaker Aris Chatzistefanou about the many factors that have caused Greece’s devastating wildfires

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zürihegel says:

Excellent interview! Never have I been given a better insight into what truly is behind all those financial dealings within the EU, and how shamelessly the taxpaying citizens are robbed by the banks and the military-industrial complex. The fact that Greece has to buy Arms from German and French manufacturers with parts of the loans that they receive from the multinational banks instead of the money being invested in infrastructure and long term projects to improve healthcare, education, public transport, alternative energy production, responsible and sustainable waste disposal, the protection of the Mediterranean sea, etc. is yet another proof of how rotten this modern day financial system is that makes its deals behind closed doors, with guaranteed profits for a few, always leaving behind a minus for the public to pay.
2.5% of the Greek GDP for the "defence" budget, but no money for fire-fighting or intelligent management of public lands to prevent large wildfires!!!! Holy Mary mother of Christ, this is complete madness! My heart goes out to the average Greek men and women that are suffering from the effects of all these criminal dealings of the European elites, that have traded every little bit of decency, any idea of personal or national honour for cold hard cash.
Greece is a beautiful place with wonderful people and they deserve so much better.

Achilleas Margaritis says:

No truth in this video. Greece has always big fires in the summer, only this time we had lots of dead people, which was the result of miscommunication between the Police and the Fire Department which resulted in blocking the wrong roads, traping people in the area where the fire went.

Crime1207 says:

the potatoe is right

It's a Balloon Penelope says:

No downvotes yet because climate change videos turn off your flat earth trump humpers.

ozwhistles says:

Dimitry. It was Plato who complained that the deforestation of the mountains of Greece lead to the loss of topsoil and the siltation of the harbors.
You cannot lay this millennia-old problem at the feet of Tsipras.
You would do better to read Plato and his analysis – no matter how hard Tsipras tries to take-on the burden of this age, the hills of Mt Athos are still green.
Lay the blame at the feet of the priests. Why did they do nothing?
Ah you know .. Greeks and goats .. Or was that Turks? I dunno .. goats are always a mistake. Even Gilgamesh made that mistake.

Richard Llewellyn says:

Greece as in California are under attack by Directed Energy Weapons, this is a Globalist Satanic Agenda 21 UN Operation.

Rik says:

If it was just as bad in 1900 then we can't say it's from climate change.

izamugginzweebopalaba says:

and how more opportunistic could Tsipras demonstrate himself to be but by happily helicoptering himself out of this catastrophe.

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