Our First Solo Sail – Catamaran Sailing Greece to Turkey (Sailing Zatara Ep 51)

Our First Solo Sail – Catamaran Sailing Greece to Turkey (Sailing Zatara Ep 51)

After spending over 3 months in Greece, we finally take off and set sail for Turkey! It is technically our first “solo sail” in the catamaran, so the Z-Crew has to learn to deal with reefing the sail, motoring on one engine, and managing some pretty gusty winds.

Skip straight to the parts you are interested in:
1:13 Skip Intro
2:21 On the Water!
3:00 Anchoring
4:23 Check-in Turkey/Med Mooring
6:06 Sailing – Halfway There
7:55 Reefing Sail
9:40 Engine troubles start
10:45 Dropping Sail
13:10 Arriving in Marmaris, Turkey

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Happy Sailing!
Renee & the Z-Crew


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Nigel Donald says:

Nice video good luck with the transmission

Atilla Kircelli says:

Nice to see you in Turkey😎😎

Sea Travel says:

Awesome video! Watching from the beginning, really have witnessed a transformation in kids in the best of ways! Won't be long and you can sleep in Keith and let jack handle everything.

Ümit Altan says:

Welcome to Turkey guys… Hope you'll have a great time… 🙂 Enjoy it…

Bla Bla says:

The best thing about cats is that they have trampolines.

David Race says:

Great video, you would have sailed right past our place in Turgutreis on the way to BOD rum. That wind, the Meltem in Turkish or Meltemi in Greek tends to spring up in the afternoon but can last for several days.

Joesph Best says:

You guys are something else, hope all works out for you and your beautiful family.

David Race says:

Bod rum, not Bo drum.

justcruisin109 says:

Loved the sailing – great footage and dialogue to explain what was happening. Hope the saildrive issue is easy to remedy. Best wishes.

Salman Ahmad says:

Lots of Love From Pakistan

Miz Visionaire Productions says:

It’s so hard waiting for new episodes,be safe and as always,Great video Renee,Your my hero!!❤️❤️❤️

John Burns says:

Totally adored this video Renee and Keith. I too have just returned from your neck of the woods… I had a lovely holiday on the island of Zakynthos, Greece – which of all things I actually won in work!! A lovely week travelling around the island on a quad visiting some gorgeous places. Have been to Zakynthos several times before with my family prior to… well… divorce but I must admit I had a brilliant time on my own. Seeing this weather you're experiencing reminds me so much of my time there. Daughter and ex wife are going to Dalaman in a week or so which is close to where you guys are. Had it been myself in the area, I may have had the opportunity to say hello to you all. Keep up the great videos, I really enjoy watching your adventures. PS: tell Kate that John said fractions are awesome 👍 (a challenge for her… my challenge is for Kate to work out what a fifth of a half of a quarter of 600 is 😊)

Timothy Street says:

Your videos continue to get more awesome every time. It’s like you have an entire production team working on them, very well done. Sorry about the transmission, I hope that is an easy bug to work out.

Jo says:

Have a fantastic journey and good luck with the new boat and wish you all the best! But after some very trange things happen at the Turkey. Be carefull because of the polical situation. Dont say on internet or in real life, anything about whats going on between US and that country! Take care

The Turning Tide India says:

Congratulations guys. Glad to see y'all on the trott

Peter Ward says:

Good one mates fair wind

Raymond Andreas says:

nice Zataraa

T-N In the works aka Mr Sundowner says:

In the situation there when you refining mainsail, would you think about just use the headsail, in ref one or two, and don't use the mainsail at all. as the headsail is on furling right?

Zarih Sundberg says:

I don’t want to beaching the boat. He’s grown. 😊

Laurent Froggy says:

Very good video Renee, your kids were awesome and in control too… Great to see… Thanks and best from hot HKG

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