$16 FLIGHT TO GREECE | Sofia to Athens | Bulgaria Travel Vlog 2018

$16 FLIGHT TO GREECE | Sofia to Athens | Bulgaria Travel Vlog 2018

Cheapest flight ever! Today we travel and vlog our way from Sofia to Athens for $16! Bulgaria to Greece is strangely cheap and…⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Greece has been on our list to visit for so long now, so we’re excited to be heading off from Bulgaria (which was such a dope place to travel) and head from Sofia to Athens. We’re bound for the islands, but exploring Athens a little is sure to happen.

Bulgaria was one of the biggest surprises of our trip so far, while Sofia was amazing for the amount of things to do we really found ourselves leaning towards Plovdiv as the best spot in Bulgaria.

Either way, Greece is next and after this trip from Sofia to Athens we’re heading to Mykonos and Santorini and can’t wait to share more of the content and travel vlogs we make there.

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Daneger and Stacey says:

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Joferson Balmonte says:

Awww sooo sweet 💕 4:44

Joferson Balmonte says:

Wow! I cant wait for your adventures in Greece! 😊😊😊

Petronela Onofrei says:

Enjoy Greece, guys!
Next week we will join you too in there. I hardly can wait! 😁
Have fun 🌴😎☀️

Marios says:

Athens is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jennifer Haron says:

You made it! So excited to see this trip play out!

sorinpopa says:

Nice Greece .except the first video that was nice .to be honest Bulgaria was a little boring except Church'es and seaside Bulgaria is average at best . Croatia is 50 times better in my opinion to visit.

monlifes says:

Wait to see your dress for the wedding of your sister Stacey 😀

cindy says:

Doorless elevator!!! LOL, they work fine, be careful not to dirty your clothes.
On the right of the Acropolis is Lycabetus hill with a little church and great view. You can walk up or take a cable car. (Coffee stop ok, don't bother with the restaurant up there).

Loni & Al says:

Oh my, gotta love all your Air B&B check in / arrival experiences ! They’d make a great montage video some day 👍😍😎👫

Phnom Penh Travel Cambodia says:

You finally made it to beautiful Greece! Can't wait to see the boat trip and the wedding. How many islands are you going to visit? Wonder if Egypt is you next destination…

Jumping Places says:

Sweet gonna love seeing Greece through your eyes 😃👌

Mark Caswell says:

Yay, it's another video from the "Beautiful Kiwi's". I read a lot of books on Greek mythology growing up, so Greece is one of my bucket list countries to visit. I thought the other lift was scary, this one is a potential death trap.

lailaagrado says:

well the reason why its seems small airport, is that the original old terminal, which is used only for low cost flights_>why its so cheap, plus there are no layovers or any stops between the two destinations,and the flight is about an hour…
Again please do come back and check our country for even more spectacular views and things to see Veliko Tarnovo, seaside, all mountains, Rose valley…if you need free tour of Sofia, contact me any day 🙂 Have fun in the rest of the world you are gonna visit until the end of this year 🙂 Love ya, and keeping watching your fun/scary (sometimes) videos….as we all wanna help you guys…but not always we can…

Arek Zawadzki says:

I'm flying to Athens next month. My flight is only 9 euros from London Luton Airport, then from Athens to Poland 24 euros. Not bad 🙂

Dutch Nomad Couple says:

The view of your apartment is great, but you both seem a bit dissapointed with the 'aparment'. This happens while traveling and don't forget, you just arrived in Greece, such a lovely country in our opinion. Enjoy, dance the sirtaki, drink some retsina and you will be in heaven! Groetjes Tino

TL Travel says:

Haha that's awesome. I did the same thing when I flew Bangkok to Vietnam. The flight was on sale for $16 and then I purchased checked baggage + meal + seat upgrade and that all was more expensive than the flight itself. Crazy how cheap flights can be over there. I wish it was like that back home in Canada haha

Roslyn Bui Viet says:

You guys should check out Gigsky. So you have data when you land in a new country. Heard about it from some other bloggers.

Philp Tsanov says:

Sad to see you leave my country, hope you come back one day. If you do then Belogradchik rocks, Seven Rila lakes and Veliko Turnovo are a must see. Btw that wasn't the Bulgarian coast, its northern Greece. You don't fly over the Bulgarian coast from Sofia to Athens.

Denis Maciuc says:

Grecce is the very nice country!!!!

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