Staying INSPIRED With PHOTOGRAPHY? | Photography in Greece

Staying INSPIRED With PHOTOGRAPHY? | Photography in Greece

So something kinda weird happened… I totally forgot that to enjoy one of my main hobbies. So let’s talk about that and see if we can fix it with some photography in Greece!

Since I started this YouTube channel in November, my life has basically become a self-taught crash course of videography, video editing and travel film-making. So much so that my other passions, such as photography, have been pushed aside.

It sounds kind of crazy for me to be saying this but photography had become a bit of a chore over the last few months. I was going through the motions, taking photos for my travel blog and hardly enjoying it at all.

And then I realised I had a backlog of 10,000 RAW files to edit. Eek.

It’s impossible to edit that many photos without finding a way to enjoy it and by playing with Lightroom, I fell in love with the entire process and rediscovered my love of photography.

I don’t want to lose that inspiration and this video is as much as reminder to myself as it is to you guys to ENJOY the process, have fun and remember why you love doing the things you choose to do.

As always, thanks for watching! If you’d like to see more photography videos, let me know.




Jodie Dewberry says:

P.S. I didn’t actually say what camera gear I’m using but it’s all listed here! 🙈

Mochilachapina says:

Some people want to be professionals to take a camera and take pictures, but the truth is that you should not waste more time. just do it.

J G says:

Are you guys still sleeping? You are throwing out daily vlogs. Editing must be too much


what a great and insightful photography video
hope this will keep me motivated
thanks for sharing this with us
really really enjoyed watching this 😀

Tony Turner says:

I really enjoyed this video, Jodie. You seem to have regained that lovely sparkle in your eyes after all the travelling you have recently done and Crete is obviously agreeing with you.

Chance Seiler says:

Good vlog Jodie. Always have fun when out with the camera. Sometimes not looking for photos is when the best ones pop-up. Be safe.

Soren Peterson says:

I would love to see more videos about photography and what you are learning.

David Wheater says:

Hi Jodie, I've been following and enjoying your vlogs for a while from sunny Edinburgh here in Scotland. You're doing such a great job and should be very proud of what you're producing. I thought you had some really good shots in there and I can see why you love photography. Funnily enough, I find myself in a bit of a slump with my photography which has really taken me by surprise. I've been super productive for a couple of years, so I think its probably just a case of things naturally ebbing and flowing. Life's just like that sometimes. I've also been putting myself under real pressure too, which definitely can squeeze out all the fun! Apart from just taking a break, I've gone back to shooting with an old film camera which I'm really loving. I'm not sure what it is about the film camera that I'm enjoying, but I think the way some vintage cameras feel, and the way it slows you down to be more thoughtful with your shooting, may have something to do with it. It's great fun experimenting with different types of film too – and, of course, there's also the excitement and anticipation of getting them back from the developer! I know that it costs money to develop the film and it won't be for everyone, but sometimes just going back to the very basics is what you need to refresh yourself and fall back in love with your hobby. Hope you and Brendan have a fantastic time in Crete. It's a great place. All the best 🙂

tjsinva says:

Easy to lose your enthusiasm, when something becomes a chore. Muddle through, enjoy the ride. Nice banner photo!!

Iberian Images, Paul Sparkes says:

Keep the photos coming👍👍 I’m off to Madrid tomorrow so might try a few snaps also 😃

Wrex Reeva says:

Jodie can i marry you?

Paul Hinchliffe says:

Great vlog fantastic tips on staying inspired 👍🤓

John Willemsz says:

Keep having fun thats importent Jodie 👍

Karen Baker says:

Jody ~ Really enjoyed seeing the photos ~ The world through your eyes ~ Keep up the good work!

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